Our Work

We advance consensus-driven and strategic solutions that are grounded in climate data and science.

— How We Create Change —

Our policy platform includes four focal areas: forest cover, forest practices, markets, and climate data and science.

Forest Cover

To ensure forests can reach their full potential related to sequestering carbon, we take actions that maintain forest cover and expand forests back into places where they have been lost

Forest Practices

We identify forestry practices that support carbon sequestration, including storage in forest products, and keep forests healthy and resilient.


We advocate for policies that advance market-based approaches to forest carbon sequestration and storage, forest product use and skilled forest sector-related labor.

Climate Data and Science

We ensure that decision-makers have credible and current data and science related to forests and climate change so they can factor it into policies they create.

$7.8 Billion

The average reduction in national residential energy use due to trees is 7.2%, and consumers save $7.8 billion in electricity and heating costs.

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