Statement on Climate Change Executive Order

Statement on Climate Change Executive Order

Author: Forest-Climate Working Group Co-Chairs

In response to the forest components of President Biden’s January 27, 2021 Executive Order on Climate Change, Forest-Climate Working Group co-chairs Jad Daley (president and chief executive officer of American Forests) and Rita Hite (executive vice president of the American Forest Foundation), issued the following statement:



“As leaders of the only sector-wide coalition in the United States working to advance forests and forest products as climate change solutions, we are very pleased to see clear recognition in President Biden’s executive order of the vital role of America’s forests in addressing climate change.


“Our nation’s forests and forest products already capture and store nearly 15% of annual U.S. carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. With the right policies, our nation’s forests can do even more.”


“The Forest-Climate Working Group represents more than 70 organizations from across the forest sector, including government agencies, private forest owners at all scales and forest products companies, forest conservation groups, academic researchers and forest carbon finance leaders. This diverse coalition stands ready to bring broad policy consensus, unparalleled forestry expertise and on-the-ground implementation capacity to help the Biden-Harris Administration and 117th Congress to leverage our forests and forest products for climate action and job recovery.”