Our Work

The Forest-Climate Working Group works together to deepen our understanding of forest-climate science and issues, and develop consensus recommendations and information to provide input on climate policy.

— Our Strategies —

We are taking action in four focus areas:

State Policy

We are helping the 16 states of the U.S. Climate Alliance to develop ambitious commitments to forest-climate solutions. In summer 2018, we held Learning Labs for these states to develop their commitments.

Federal Policy

The FCWG has long been trusted advisor to federal officials, including our Policy Roadmap. We are currently working with lawmakers in both partners and federal agencies to educate them on how to support forest-climate solutions.

Voluntary Carbon

We are working to support the success of voluntary carbon markets through innovation and communications.

Knowledge Sharing

We lead on developing and sharing the best climate-smart practices and tools being developed across the forest sector.

$7.8 Billion in Savings

The average reduction in national residential energy use due to trees is 7.2%, and consumers save $7.8 billion in electricity and heating costs.

Forest-Climate Working Group Members Convene Unprecedented Climate Strategy Workshop

States are now the driving force to deliver land-based climate solutions in the U.S., where natural and working lands capture and safely store 14 percent of our carbon emissions.

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