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The Forest-Climate Working Group (FCWG) is the nation's only forest sector coalition to represent every aspect of U.S. forests'government agencies, landowners, forest products, conservation and wildlife groups, academics, and carbon finance experts.

Our group is united by a set of Entry Principles that state our core beliefs:


Climate change is real, and forests must be part of our nation's response.

Keeping forests as forests is the foundation to all forest-climate solutions. More than 30 million acres of U.S. forests are projected to be lost to development.

Forests can do even more to slow climate change if we provide the right science and financial incentives to help private forest owners and public land managers plant and re-plant forests, and manage with an eye to carbon.

Protecting forests from climate change is equally as important as trapping more carbon in forests. Many forest resources could be lost to the stresses of climate change, and cutting edge-science has showed that U.S. forests will lose their capacity to store carbon, and release lots of carbon already stored, if we don't help forests adapt.

— FCWG Steering Committee —

Michigan State University

Lauren Cooper

American Forests

Jad Daley

American Forest Foundation

Rita Hite

The Trust for Public Land

Brendan Shane

National Alliance of Forest Owners

Dave Tenny

— FCWG Staff —


David Cleaves

American Forests

Nick Miner

American Forests

Rebecca Turner

650 Million

Large-scale reforestation has the same impact on emissions as taking 650 million cars off the road.

— Ex Officio Members —

U.S. Forest Service

World Resources Institute

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